Sunday, December 28, 2008

'Mesirian'!!! I mis u all.....

OMG!! I miss all of my friend yg g mesir ambk medic... Lukman and Myra.. Miss u guys alot..
Bile nak balik ek..
Last night Myra message me... lepas jgk rindu..Lukman wut happen 2 u?
Massage la aku ..hahaha..Never mind, i understand tat ur ur bz with ur work..
Aku tggu korang balik nnt and Myra, aku tggu ko bln 6 nnt!

welocome londang...! wut the fcuk?

arghhh!! today im going back to londang...
hate it so much.. theres gonna be lots of assignment!
and im going to face my stupid roommate...
i had a fight with anwar yesterday, not a fight actually, he didn't answer my call.. don't know why..
he thought tat i cheated on him... Hey anwar, if ur reading this, that is not my wallet! u hear me, tat is not my wallet.. its my sister's wallet... yeah, and my nenek is really2 sakit kat hospital skrang, and one more thing, why u always blaming me... but i dun mind coz ur my friend...
it just, i hate it when we have a fight..sorry
Malas nye nk buat assignment..
btw, dun knw why suddenly today i miss school so much
i miss arwah navita irdayanti.. i miss hayat yg ske buat kacau.. i miss the 'annoying' usher, i miss safiah and i miss isyam jaafar... gosh! time is moving faster than i thought..
friends in Matrik tak mcm kat school dulu.... totally different!

aloha everyone!

wut a shame, all of my friends dah lame start with this blog stuff... but i just get started.
Basically i dun really knoe wut is the function of blog? but then, when i saw my friend's blog, i was like, this thing is cool man... u can gossip with the others, share photos, nak kutuk2 orang lain, maki hamun orang lain and the best part is, u can share your interesting-beautiful-sweet moment with the others... awesome isn't it!!
So... biasanya people would introduce themselves 1st right?
ek? okke, im Aiman from Port Dickson.. Negeri Sembilan. Im 18 y.o, currently stdy in Melaka Matriculation College(oh-londang-ku) hahaha..Im a gay...hahahahah kidding la weh..!
u guys mesti freak out kan... nonono... not in a million years! ;' p
i love food so much and i love to make new friends...btw, u guys should check out my myspace(should i put 'my' in front of myspace? never mind....) just add
or even add my friendster...
I am very simple, love to laugh and i hate assignment...
I love all of my friends...enough bout me...
The latest news, Jija, my bestie since i was in school, left me... No! die tak meninggal lagi.. but she left Matrik for UiTm.. so sad. She made me cry and i hate tat... The only person eho can make me cry is my mom and my sis...wait my bro also cz u dunno die punye penumbum and penampar... lima hari demam woh...
back to Jija...miss u dear, tibe2 call aku tadi and said to me she miss Matrik. (padan muke ko... hahaha). Ouh so sad..... ToT
a week before tat, nadia pon tinggal kan kami! now yg still standing
~ami-to ~odah-to
~ten-to ~azfar-to
~aiman-to ~nini-to

hurmm..tomorrow im going back to matrik.. malas btol(sebab x siap assignment...hahaha)
plus, i hate my roommate, not all of them, but one of them, we had a fight before we're going back home last week... hes such kid, yeah btw hes only 17(bdk lompat la ney..)
we used to have some arguments before this but this is too much, what would u do if ur own roommate halau u keluar from ur own room tgh2 malam?